Virus Removal Sercives

One of the most common problems facing computer users is the proliferation of computer viruses, trojans, spyware and other forms of malicious software - called "malware". If your computer's performance is becoming slower or you are seeing more and more pop-up advertisements while surfing the Internet, then your system may be infected. Once infected, your computer may be used by hackers to steal your data, steal your identity or wreak havoc on your operating system and application software programs. Your computer may even become an unwitting agent in a hidden network of computers used by hackers for malicious purposes.

If you suspect your system may be infected, call us immediately! We will diagnose your computer's condition and provide you with solutions that may include...

  • Removal of viruses, spyware, adware and other malware,
  • Cleanup of damages caused by malicious software,
  • Backup data, reformat drives, reinstall software and restore data,
  • Installation and configuration of anti-virus software.

It typically takes about 1.5 hours of our technicians' time (real time is considerably longer) to fully clean an infected system. Based upon the amount of data and software on a system and the degree of infection it may take longer. If the damage is extensive, we may need more time to copy your data to an external device, reformat the computer's hard drive, reinstall the operating system and reload the data.